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And who are the characters in this universe? Why we are of course. People from my flist, people from your flist..all of us.
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A reminder, you will be able to make your vignettes as heroic or dark or absurd as you wish.

What we have is overlapping war zones that change as the Incident ebbs and flows. And wandering Red terrorists enforcing their concepts of good and bad in between wars. And Free zones, some more than others..where the Incident may still be strong but there is still at least a certain amount of freedom.
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It was bound to happen to some degree. Between the polarisation that the political parties had uncovered and the media fostered, the fear that had grown since 9/11 combined with the latent militia thought all combined with a social xenophobia and then blended in with the more bread and butter fear and depression brought by recession and inflation. So arguments between red areas and blue areas began to grow more vitriolic and bitter.

What happened next was not expected though. Someone,and nobody is sure if it was red or blue, unleashed a weapon that became known as the Incident. Was it real? Was it magic gone bad? Nobody really knows (at least not yet). But it warped time and reality. Words and thought could become actual wars between the two groups. And in between the waves of wars reality was just not the same.

The Reds, of course, panicked and grew even more strident. The Blues as a rule were not much better, although there Free areas created by Blues that had more experience at playing with the strands of reality.

more to come.


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