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Henry IV (Part Two) is actually the Third Play in a Tetralogy. Got it? Iv..2..3..4 ..all about moving from roman to arabic numerals. In the meantime Hal parties, Falstaff remembers partying, Henry IV loses a crown, finds the crown, exeunt Henry IV enter aha

Henry V...who does not want to play around with Falstaff anymore but who does appreciate the fact that Kenneth Branagh will come along later
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When we left Henry he was promising to do a pilgrimage to a strange land like Mecca because of Richard's death. But the Welsh and Scots decided this was a good time go fight so he was stuck there. Which is sort of like a pair of strange lands but with no sun. And odd acting sheep.

In the meantime his son Hal was setting standards in misbehaving that would not be matched for centuried and his son John sort of wandered around wondering why Shakespeare calls him the second son when he is actually the third. History does not always need fact after all.

This being a time when Royalty had power and there being no such thing as elected Royalty there were rebels. At least until the end of the play...carry on to part two
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Shylock is a bad guy. Shylock is a good guy. Shylock is at least sympathetic.

In the meantime let us play games to see who gets the daughter instead of letting her choose. Ah yes, I can see why this play has so much merit. Or at least the Nazis thought so. They had a special production after Kristallnacht.

Which could lead to a whole mostly serious post on which is most important, the meaning that an author intended for a piece or how the public perceives the piece. But where would the fun be in that?

King John

Jul. 12th, 2010 02:38 pm
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Hi..I am John and I am King

Hi..I am Arthur and once I clear up my acne I should be King

Hi..I am the Bastard and I have a real name but nobody will use it. And I should be King

Let's all have battles?

Hello,Battles R Us? we need some minor wars.

Arthur is Dead

No I'm not

Shush you cute boy you

Hi..I am Henry and I am supposed to be King in another play altogether

All the Royalty..Oh John? We have this Magna Carta for you to sign

Will did not mention that

All the Royalty..aww...and all leave.
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As it happens, I have family members who assure me that this is arguably the most accurate of Shakespeare's histories. Of course according to a certain Mr Gaiman, Will did have help.

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Also known as the anti American University play. Wherein it is expected that one should avoid the opposite sex in return for studying. I tried that once. I did no better than the students in this play. Oddly enough this play has a rather bitter ending for a Shakespeare play, which I shall not give away.

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Now first of all, we are not talking about two gentlemen in exactly THAT sort of two gentlemen way. Although if you think about it, one could bring up Romeo and Juliet, given that women were not allowed to act on stage at the time. And it would get us away from Two Gentlemen of Verona which really is not that good a play. But it paid for the upkeep on the home back in the country and perhaps another bed..a Second Best bed. Anyway..twould be as best as Time could hold TIME for a bit about acting in Shakespeare plays. Yes...there is more than a bit about time, nor will it be the only time you see these fine Shakespearean actors who fit more than anyone in this series of posts about Shakespeare.

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Like many of Shakespeare's comedies, we really end up not liking any of the characters. Unless, of course, you see the musical version?

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There were these twins
oh wait there were THESE twins

As it happens there were two sets of twins wandering around being confused and confusing.

This is, so far as we know, the first of Shakespeare's comedies. Which could in fact explain the resemblances to early version of Windows, which could each be known as a Comedy of Errors in and of themselves.

The twins in the play eventually are reunited and all is well. We are still waiting to see if the same can be applied to Windows.

Henry IV

Jul. 1st, 2010 03:59 pm
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Ok...also known as the first three flowers of Shakespeare..because they were about the War of the incredibly thorny period in English history.

err..did I really write that? Well..Henry IV was not much better a King than I am a punster. But the cheap seats got to listen to royalty bickering,much like many soap operas but even cooler in that it had swords.

And so..with soap elements and Freudian symbols firmly developed, Shakespeare was off to the history races.
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First Performed Plays First Printed
1590-91 Henry VI, Part II 1594?
1590-91 Henry VI, Part III 1594?
1591-92 Henry VI, Part I 1623
1592-93 Richard III 1597
1592-93 Comedy of Errors 1623
1593-94 Titus Andronicus 1594
1593-94 Taming of the Shrew 1623
1594-95 Two Gentlemen of Verona 1623
1594-95 Love's Labour's Lost 1598?
1594-95 Romeo and Juliet 1597
1595-96 Richard II 1597
1595-96 A Midsummer Night's Dream 1600
1596-97 King John 1623
1596-97 The Merchant of Venice 1600
1597-98 Henry IV, Part I 1598
1597-98 Henry IV, Part II 1600
1598-99 Much Ado About Nothing 1600
1598-99 Henry V 1600
1599-1600 Julius Caesar 1623
1599-1600 As You Like It 1623
1599-1600 Twelfth Night 1623
1600-01 Hamlet 1603
1600-01 The Merry Wives of Windsor 1602
1601-02 Troilus and Cressida 1609
1602-03 All's Well That Ends Well 1623
1604-05 Measure for Measure 1623
1604-05 Othello 1622
1605-06 King Lear 1608
1605-06 Macbeth 1623
1606-07 Antony and Cleopatra 1623
1607-08 Coriolanus 1623
1607-08 Timon of Athens 1623
1608-09 Pericles 1609
1609-10 Cymbeline 1623
1610-11 The Winter's Tale 1623
1611-12 The Tempest 1623
1612-13 Henry VIII 1623
1612-13 The Two Noble Kinsmen* 1634
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Stumbles through the rooms backstage, fumbling through old costumes on long racks and the prop room with its skulls and swords and..ooosharp shiny things. Let's face it, one of the reasons the old plays (plays with the sword) last is because of the swords. Ok, and the skulls. And well, yes, the plays themselves.

Finds the curtaians and stumbles through them. Spotlight showing the way to the podium. Err I really thought ir was supposed to focus on me wasn't it? Cough

Ok...ladies, gentlemen and others next up on our summertime hit parade may I introduce to you the one the only Christopher Marlowe.

No wait Edward de Vere

Wait...Francis Bacon

voice from offstage.."It's Will, lad. My name is Will..William Shakespeare"


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