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So I submitted my ballot for the Hugo awards this year, and it is never an easy thing. I realise for some people it is a glorified attaboy sort of thing. There are fan writing, fanzines semi this that the other categories. In fairness perhaps some of them do want to be more than fans but some people are content to be the driving force of the genre. Imagine that.

On the other hand though, there are some people for which these awards are very important. They could help pay the mortgage or a child's dental bills etc from the blurbs on the jacket. Winner of best novel, or the John Campbell Award, etc. I am not sure that being an award winner has given me the incentive to read a book, but I do know people who have picked one up and what have you.

SO I feel bad a bit, and am ever so glad I am just one person out of it is the other guys fault if the nice person loses to ...well...a nice person. Although one of the writers has exposed himself as being an antisemite. Alas, he was also arguably the best writer in his category. Sometimes it is just so confusing.
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Now as it happens, I can walk just about anywhere with impunity. I am six ft, fairly good shape and I look mad as a hatter. In fairness to my ego, there were seven of them, along with a few mates, and they did not really attack me, it was a snatch and grab of my grocer's sacks.

It is not that I mind the violence, because there really wasn't any. If I had not tried to chase them and twisted my knee (again...grumble) I would have been fine. And there was not much in the sack they got...some steak medallions, some potatoes and some lettuce. Dinner in other words. I am sure, teens that they were, that they would have preferred the sack they did not get, which had some Murphy's Stout and a half decent bottle of red wine.

What bothered me was the impersonality of it all. It was not against me per se, but rather a sort of vandalism with swag involved. if they had a spray can, they might have targeted a road sign and left me be. There was that much personality involved.

And yes...I am fine.


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