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In other words, almost like a real blog for a change.

I have cats, two of them. This is something that most people know who know me. But sometimes I am reminded that a cat can make a home real, but a dog can make the people in it real. Of course what would I do if I suddenly became real?

Saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Take Back America"..with the tea part URL underneath. Umm, take it back from whom exactly? The 1% who, as it happens, are the ones who provide most of the financing for the Tea Party.

In line with that, I watched the Phil Ochs documentary "There But For Fortune". There was a brief moment in time when the thought was that things were going to be good. The Equal Rights Amendment had passed, the War was over. Well as it turns out some rights are more equal for fewer people and only the battlefield changes. But one can always hope.

One thing I have wondered. People may find it hard to believe in this day and age, but the Roman Catholic Church is what influenced my politics..that war is wrong and people should be treated fairly. What happened, I wonder.

And a random thought courtesy of Amanda Palmer...I spent awhile living in hotels and motels, and have to say I never masturbated in any of them.


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