May. 2nd, 2008 06:45 am
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One of the things that is thought as 'bad' science is actually superseded theory. That is, theories that were widely accepted at one time but have become obsolete as we learn more on the subject.

Our first example is miasma. At one time it was thought that many diseases were brought about by miasma..or vapours. This may sound rather silly today, but the concept of germs would have been considered silly at the time. And there is an innate human factor involved. People tend to be uncomfortable in heavy fogs, where vision is limited and sounds changed.So it made logical sense in an odd way to thing there must be a reason for it..that is the spread of diseases.
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Is not really what it is about at all. Yes there is bad science..bad,bad science, shame on you. Oh sorry,distracted. That is to say there are theories which are pseudoscience from the moment of their creation. And they will be part of the bad science. And there are theories which have become obsolete which would also be among the bad...esp since believers tend to hang on far too long to some theories.

And then there are science theories which make use of intentional fraud either in the logic or in the evidence used for proof. And from some scientists that you would not expect. And no, I doubt I shall get into Intelligent Design, which is just too obvious.


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