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Well, we sort of were, if one wishes to stretch the point.


1>Leave me Alone I'M READINGMaureen Corrigan.

In the beginning I wished this book was larger simply because of the title. By the end I wished it was longer because of the book itself. Maureen Corrigan may sound familiar to some of you. She is the book critic for Fresh Air. Which makes it a bit odd, to write a book about a book about reading written by a reviewer.

But it certainly is well worth the read. Ms Corrigan starts out with an assumption that I firmly agree with. Sometimes it is important not just to know why someone thinks how they do about a book. And thus we are off on an adventure much like real life for a librophile, where books blend with thoughts and autobiography. And such a range of books. Stevie Smith to the siblings Bronte to Robert Parker to ..etc etc. Tied in with her childhood in blue collar St Raphael parish in New York City to marrying a Jewish atheist (which is not,btw, a paradox according to the Talmud) to trying to have children of her own to a China trip to get their daughter Molly to her feminist views on authors get the general picture. Well worth the read it is.


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