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As I mentioned, this month's subject will be books. And while I sift and sort through the head what books we will talk about, not to mention either dipping back in or reading them, I thought it would be interesting for you to have a say. If a genre does not appeal to you btw, feel free to say so,eh?

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Apr. 12th, 2006 10:00 am
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7.Serenity:Those Left Behind
Joss Whedon,Brett Matthews, Dark Horse 2006 104 Pages

Alas, the series is gone and the movie seems to be determined to be a one off, so this is what we have left. And it is not,all in all, a bad thing to be left with. Will Conrad does a very good job of visually recreating the world of Firefly. And it is nice to spend an hour or so with old friend. I enjoyed the book (which is actually a collection of comics but I never have the patience for that..sort of like those megavolume fantasies that..but I digress>)

One thing I did notice reading the reviews in Amazon. It seems the more the person is a Browncoat the more lukewarm they were about the story. Not sure why. For my part, Firefly may be gone but you can't stop the signal. Especially if he pens more books like this.

8.JLA:Riddle of the Beast
Alan Grant et al. DC Elseworlds 2001 104 pages

9. Marvel 1602
Neil Gaiman et all. Marvel 2004 248 pages

It is natural to list these two books together, which is probably not fair to JLA: Riddle of the Beast. For one thing, Alan Grant is quite a good writer in the comic field, but he is not Neil. Only Terry Pratchett is Neil but they've a deal worked out for that. It is all in the Jacket.

Anyway, back to the books. There were several other problems. JLA is a thee and thou high fantasy using characters from JLA. 1602 is an alternate history using characters loosely based on Marvel characters. Neil was also given a lot more space to develop both characters and story. Again, both of these books are collections of loose comics. In the DC story, a different artist did each chapter. And there are a number of (short) chapters. Which in a collected form can be distracting. The JLA version is, I believe, now out in paperback. Which if you are going to get it I would suggest. 1602 is a hardback book, because you are going to want to read it again and again, and lend it and..etc.

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Apr. 12th, 2006 08:43 am
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Neal Stephenson Harper Perrenial 2000(PB) 918 pages

How does one describe this book. I haven't the faintest. I am not even sure what genre it would fall in. It is about WWII, databanks, national security, cryptology,Phillipine and Japanese History,friendship, mathematics, computers,the dot bubble and sex. Not always in that order. Neal sometimes makes Tom Robbins look like a regular prose writer in this meandering,funny,thought inspiring erotic..err..thriller? nah. I give up..just read the thing.

6. Flights:Extreme Visions of Fantasy
Al Sarrantonio,ed. Penguin/Roc Fantasy. 2005 (trade ed) 578 pages.

Every once in awhile someone decides to come up with anthologies for one reason or another. This one is sort of a fantasy-based descendent of the Dangerous Visions series. Not your average fantasy tale. Nor your typical fantasy author. While I admit I bought it because it has stories by both Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman, the authors run the line from Larry Niven to Gene Wolfe to Joyce Carol Oates. On occasion funny,sometimes erotic, often thought provoking it is a grand read into what is going on in the field of fantasy apart from the Tolkien clones and the megaemo mulivolumes series.

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Apr. 12th, 2006 08:08 am
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3.From Hell
Alan Moore,Eddie Campbell. Top Shelf Productions.2004(New Ed) 572 Pages

Speaking of books and movies. From Hell was,I believe, the first film adaptation of an Alan Moore work,and not a terribly good beginning. The producers took an intense,rambling novel about violence,philosophy and dark erotica and turned into a film vehicle for Johnny Depp. While they are both loosely based on Jack the Ripper, there just about every similarity ends. The movie is worth watching if you are a serious Johnny Depp fan,which I know many of you are. The book is worth reading if you want some depth to your stories.

4.The Victorian Act II:Self Immolation
Trainor Houghton et all Penny-Farthing Press 2002 188 pages

Did I mention the part about [ profile] rorschach99 spreading his own addiction? This is part of a series of five novels about a mysterious character named the Victorian, about secret orders, about pre Katrina New Orleans,etc. Rambling back and forth between Victorian and present times it is an extremely well drawn,well executed plot line that leaves me hiding my wallet so that I do not go track down the other novels before I am finished with the shelf of books I am reading now.


Apr. 12th, 2006 07:51 am
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Not that I have not been reading, just that I procrastinate about posting them and then they get swallowed in the anarchist's library downstairs..or foyer..or living room..or attic or. Anyway..part one of the books this year to date.

1. Don't Panic-Douglas Adams and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Neil Gaiman. 2003 (revised ed) Titan Books. 240 pages.

This is not,as one might be led to assume, really a book about Douglas Adams at all. There are bits and anecdotes about Douglas, and the other books do get some mention. But this is,in fact, a book about the ongoing creation of HHGTTG. And in true guide fashion, it does not keep up with the story. Even the revised version, published shortly after Adam's death,missed out on the movie version. Nor is this a serious,dry version of the history. Neil writes it with obvious affection and true Gaiman humour at times. As a fan I found it delightful, as a writer I found it intriguing.

2.V for Vendetta
Alan Moore,David Lloyd. 1995 (Rev) Vertigo Press 286 pages.

Ok,so [ profile] rorschach99 has been discussing V for some time as only a true comics addict can. So with all the commotion over Alan Moore and the Movie producers I decided to give it a try. Curse you [ profile] rorschach99 for the new addiction to graphic novels..meanwhile, back at V.

The bad news is that V was an early work for Alan, and at times it shows. But the mark of a good storyteller in an genre is that you ignore the flaws in favour of the story. And thus is the case with V. Gripping,well drawn and usually with a flowing storyline it keeps your attention.

Is the movie as good as the book? Apples and oranges. Alan Moore gave us a modern icon in V,an embryonic mythos as you will. And the book and the movie are just two different retellings of the same myth.

Shelf Six

Aug. 3rd, 2005 10:25 am
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Rhe Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde 2002
The Sandman The Wake Neil Gaiman 1997
The Sandman The Kindly Ones Neil Gaiman 1996
Meet Me at Infinity James Tiptree 2000
Bedlam Boys Ellen Guon 1993
Book of Ballads Charles Vess et al 2004
Falling Sideways Tom Holt 2002
In the Wake of the Plague Norman Cantor 2001
Inventing Memory Anne Harris 2004
Ghost in the Shell Shirow Masamune 2004
Ghost in the SHell 2 Shirow Masamune 2005
Dreaming Pachinko Isaac Adamson 2003
Puckoon Spike Milligan 1963
Ulysses James Joyce 1961
I'll Be Watching You Charles de Lint 2004
Future on Fire Orson Scott Card, ed 1991

Shelf Five

Aug. 2nd, 2005 09:44 pm
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Eastern Standard Tribe Cory Doctorow 2004
The Summer Country James A Hetley 2004
Last Refuge Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 1993
Dragon Death Gael Baudino 1992
I Sing the Body Electric Ray Bradbury 1971
2001 A Space Odyssey Arthur C Clarke 1968
Divided Allegiance Elizabeth Moon 1988
The Farthest Shore Ursala K LeGuin 1977
Cows,Pigs,Warts and Witches Marvin Harris 1974
Science Fiction Hall of Fame II Ben Bova,ed 1973
Blood and Gold Anne Rice 2002
The Christening Quest Elizabeth Ann Scarborough 1985
The Book of Ultimate Truths Robert Rankin 1994
Born to Run Lackey,Dixon 1992
Wheels of Fire Lackey,Shepard 1992
Summouned to Tourney Lackey,Guon 1992
The Memory of Earth Orson Scott Card 1992
Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon Ira Goldstein 1993
Obsidian Butterfly Laurell K Hamilton 2001
Lord Foul's Bane Stephen R Donaldson 1977
Oxford Dictionary of Popes JND Kelly 1991
The Dark Wind Tony Hillerman 1982
When the Bough Breaks Lackey, Lisle 1993

Shelf Four

Aug. 2nd, 2005 01:32 pm
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Song and Praise for Sabbath Eve Goldfarb,Leventhal 1948
A Sign for Cain Fredric Wertham 1966
A Book of Jewish Concepts Philip Birnbaum 1964
A Little Treasury of Modern Poetry Oscar Williams,ed 1950
The Medusa and the Snail Lewis Thomas 1979
Here is Your War Ernie Pyle 1943
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach 1970
Illusions Richard Bach 1977
The Good War Studs Terkel 1984
Steppenwolf Herman Hesse 1969
The Continent of Lies James Morrow 1984
THe Theology of the Incarnation Ralph Woodhall 1968
Theology and Faith Gerald O'Collins 1968
The Theology of Faith John Coventry 1968
Collected Mallarmé Ed by A Hartley 1970
King Arthur and His Court Frances Greene 1902
Greek Rehtoric and Literary Criticisms Roberts 1928
The Ancient World TR Glover 1957
Star Songs of an Old Primate James Tiptree 1978
The Once and Future King TH White 1958
The Ivory and the Horn Charles de Lint 1995
The Diary of Anais Nin Volume 3 Anais Nin 1969
The Year's Best Science Fiction (8th) Gardner Dozois 1991
Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders Victor Appleton 1917

Shelf Three

Aug. 2nd, 2005 09:32 am
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Cassell's French-English Dictionary 1951
Roget's International Thesaurus ,3rd Ed. 1962
Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay 1991
Idylls of the King Alfred Lord Tennyson 1906
WIld Cards, Vol VI George RR Martin, ed 1990
Voyage of the Fox Rider Dennis L McKiernan 1994
A Knight of the Word Terry Brooks 1998
50 True Tales of Terror John Canning, ed 1972
Penguin History of Literature
(The English Language Bolton,Crystal,ed 1975
The Coffee House Songbook Edwards,Kelley,ed 1966
Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces
(Volume 1, 4th Edition) Maynard Mack,Gen Ed 1979
Silver Birch, Blood Moon Datlow, Windling 1999
How to Write Tales of
Horror,Fantasy and Science Fiction JN Williamson,ed 1987

Shelf Two

Aug. 2nd, 2005 06:00 am
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Ireland Francis Hackett 1918
Godel,Escher,Bach Douglas Hofstadter 1980
Exploring Nonviolent Alternatives Gene Sharp 1971
Buffalo Man Charles deLint 1999
Svaha Charles deLint 1989
Into the Green Charles deLint 1993
The Dispossesed Ursala K LeGuin 1974
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes A Conan Doyle 1966
The Dark Wind Tony Hillerman 1982
The Professor and the Madman Simon Winchester 1999
Bethany's Sin Robert McCammon 1980
Lost Boys Orson Scott Card 1992
The Nature and Destiny of Man Reinhold Niebuhr 1964
The Green Man Datlow,Windling ed 2002
Early Irish Literature Knott, Murphy 1966
Deutsch Heute Moulton, ed 1974
Confessions of an Irish Rebel Brendan Behan 1965
The Fall of Hyperion Dan Simmons 1991
Spanish-English Dictionary Univ of Chicago 1977
I Ching John Blofeld,ed 1965
Indians and Other Americans Fey,McNickle ed 1959
Ships George Stevenson 1969
Star of Gypsies Robert Silverberg 1986
The Hawk's Grey Feath Patricia Kennealy 1991
Prentice Alvin Orson Scott Card 1989
Giants of Science Philip Cane 1959
The Black Cloud Fred Hoyle 1957
Art Treasures of the Louvre Renë Huyghe 1962

Shelf One

Aug. 2nd, 2005 05:05 am
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The Unlikely Ones Mary Brown 1987
The Bible The Old Testament Spike Milligan 1993
Exile to Glory Jerry Pournelle 1978
Candied Voltaire 1982
A Thief of Time Tony Hillerman 1990
Skinwalkers Tony Hillerman 1986
The Last Temptation of Christ Nikos Kazantzakis 1960
Notes From Undergrouns F Dostoyevsky 1960
Indians of the Plains Robert Lowie 1963
The Fantsy Worlds of Peter S Beagle 1978
Judaism Hans Kung 1995
Castle For Rent John DeChancie 1989
The Call of Earth Orson Scott Card 1993
Mission Child Maureen McHugh 1998
The Tao of Physics Fritjof Capra 1977
6th New World Writing anon editor 1954
St Fidgeta John Bellairs 1966
The Floating Opera John Barth 1978
A Wonder Book Nathanial Hawthorne 1968
Great Expectations Charles Dickens 1963
Again Dangerous Visions 2 Harlan Ellisn, ed 1972
The Hidden Ground of Love Thomas Merton(letters) 1985
Seventh Son Orson Scott Card 1987
Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman 1972


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