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I have been watching Have Gun Will Travel, a US TV series from the lat 50s-early 60s. Like most of the Westerns from the time period, it is about a different country than the US has become since. A time where men..and women, had honour and dignity, along with an individuality that was often the hallmark of the show. To be one's self and still honouring right and wrong. People today seem to think that taking back America means turning it to their idea of what America should be.

(I might add that the shows then were driven by situations and how their characters reacted to them. We could see more of them today.)

Now, what does this have to do with architecture? A person's architecture then was a saddle, or a connestoga wagon. And the occasional rooming house or hotel. And of course there were houses. Generally built by the person who lived there, or by the neighbours. and even in the cities, houses were built for people and families.

Today, and this has been happening for 70 years or so, houses are built, not for people but for clients. Something totally different. Perhaps if fewer people lived in product boxes we would be better off.

And yes I know, this is not just an American situation. Canada is no better, and England, from what I have seen,lives on the myth of the Midlands. Real housing is..well, boring. I understand that the UK in many places is like Toronto..there just is not enough room for individual homes. But even multiple family dwellings could have individuality if the architects were willing to believe they are building for someone..not something...or themselves.
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And the Word Sharona was walking on watching a ginger headed lass in a car pass her. Or imagining it, cars not being around yet. And hearing the song She looked to see what she had left behind and then realised that before her there was nothing TO be left behind. Which sort of pumped up the ego a bit.


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